What’s the difference? LipStick or LipStain? 

How long do you want your lip color to last?

  1. The main ingredients contained in traditional lipsticks are waxes and oils.
  2. Lip stains are primarily water or gel based and also contain alcohol.
  3. Lipstick requires frequent reapplication. 
  4. Lip stain may last all day, however the alcohol contents cause dryness requiring frequent application of gloss.

*Remember your lips can develop skin cancer. Make sure the product you choose contains SPF!

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Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer Review

​I have been using SeneGence’s Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer for 3 weeks and my life will never be the same! I can definitely tell a difference in my pore sizes, especially those around my nose. I am no longer self-conscious and feel the need to put on pore masking creaming after applying foundation. I have two of these in-stock…give it a try for yourself. What do you have to lose? SeneGence backs every product 100%. If after 8 weeks you aren’t completely satisfied return the product and receive a full refund.

Addiction Issues?

Bye, bye chapped lips

​I used to consider myself addicted to lip balm. I had lip balm in my purse, my car, my husband’s car, my desk, my nightstand, my makeup box, my guest room, and on my keychain. I NEVER left home without it. Three things I always had with me-my cellphone, my ID, and my lip balm. Since I started using LipSense my lips have literally never felt healthier. I estimated I used lip balm 25 times a day before LipSense. Now, I probably apply Glossy Gloss 3-5 times a day depending on how much I’m outside. My lips had to go through the exfoliation process, which took approximately 3 weeks, but with each progressing week my lips felt softer and less dry. For years I’ve been chained to my lip balm and now I’m free! If I walk out of the door and forget my Glossy Gloss I don’t panic. I know my lips will be alright. 

Do you feel like you’re a lip balm addict? If so, free yourself with LipSense today!

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4 Gifts Your Mama Really Wants

  1. Quiet Time.
  2. You doing things the first time she asks.
  3. A lipstick that lasts more than 2 hours.
  4. A clever wordpress blog.

You can find #3 here and you’re obviously reading #4. Get ready to celebrate the greatest woman on Earth! Mother’s Day is May 14th! Are you ready???

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SkinCare not MakeUp

Has your focus been covering up your flaws rather than addressing them? Would you prefer to spend money on foundation or moisturizer? Most Americans would say the former. In America, our focus tends to be on makeup and not skincare because we like a quick fix. SkinCare regimes take consistency and investments. If we learned to be patient we would see that our investment pays off. The return on your skincare treatment is much larger than on makeup. Just think-if you take care of your skin now, you wouldn’t need all that makeup later! 

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Preparing for Mother’s Day

Guaranteed not to fail gift ideas

I have three easy gift ideas for the most important woman in your life this Mother’s Day. 

1. EyeLuminator-provides smooth, flawless and truly radiant skin. Formulated for the most sensitive skin around her eyes! 

2. LipSense-SeneGence’s premier product. WOW the woman in your life with this truly one of a kind product. 

3. Lottery Tickets-if the first two fail this one is sure to be a hit! 

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